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Dr. Thomas R. Baker, DDS

Treatment Offered Includes:

LAPS (Limited Access Periodontal Surgery- Perioscope and/or Microscope Assisted)

​MIPSCNAP (Minimally Invasive Periodontal Surgery with Clinical New Attachment: Perioscope and/or Microscope assisted)

Combination of LAPS/MIPS
providing adequate and appropriate level of care based on need of individual teeth

Connective Tissue (Gum) Grafts

Surgical Extractions
with ridge preservation extraction techniques

Guided Bone Regeneration

Dental Implants

Emergency Services

State-of-the-art Equipment Including:
Digital x-rays

Periodontal Maintenance
Because we are maintaining a disease for which there is no definitive cure, good oral hygiene and good periodontal physical therapy is a very important part of oral health.  We recommend prophylaxis appointments every 3 months and often share these cleaning/ periodontal maintenance appointments on an alternating schedule with the general dentist for optimal dental and periodontal health.